A Free Retro Analog VST Synth

If you’re a musician who uses the VST environment on a PC, this piece of gear represents one of the best ways to get classic 1970s-style synth sounds without spending a penny. The Mutiny Polysynth from Planet Botch is a FREEWARE virtual analogue synthesizer for the VST environment. It’s already had many thousands of downloads, but why has it been such a popular choice?

Mutiny Polysynth

Well, the Mutiny’s beauty is in its simplicity. First of all, you get a fantastic preset bank featuring some of the best retro analogue synth sounds available. The sounds are designed to go straight into a track without any tweaking or messing.

And secondly, every parameter is accessed from the front panel. To customise the sounds or create new ones from scratch, you just twiddle the knobs and faders. No poking around with menus and numbers – it’s really simple to use.

If you visit the synth’s download page at Planet Botch you can hear an audio stream of the synth in action, and of course download the software, no strings, no charge. Prepare to be amazed at how spectacular a freeware softsynth can sound!