The Design Consultant’s Computer

Design Consultant Computer Fire

The Twirpz Design Consultant has experienced a problem with his home computer. It is very much hoped that someone can help with some advice.

Essentially, the computer became a little sluggish so the Consultant used an app built by Rick Uncensored to restore the system to health.

However, the computer has since slowed down further, and a few minutes ago a faint heat haze began to appear around the monitor. Subsequently, the Consultant’s house has caught fire and his computer desk has collapsed, and his front door has come off, and one of his bedrooms has fallen through the ceiling into the kitchen.


Ed Case

Probably best to call the fire service.

Wayne Chavness
Crap Hat SEO

Yeah, fire service is probably his best bet with that one.

The Devil

I think he’s called the fire service. What he really wants to know is should he reboot?