Change The Look of Your Twitter With Stylish

Twitter with Stylish

Whilst researching a forthcoming post about historical changes to Twitter profile pages, I was reminded that years ago, when Twitter looked rather more plain than it does today, I used to employ a Firefox add-on called Stylish to nice up my experience. I’d forgotten the name of the add-on, so I started to Google various design-related terms in a bid to find it. However, I didn’t have much luck, and eventually I had to rummage back through my personal diary to recover the info.

Happily, it turns out that the add-on is still available, and it’s still great for customising Twitter on the desktop. The above capture shows the kind of impact that Stylish can bring to your Twitter environment.

My lack of success on the search engines persuaded me that Stylish may not be as widely recognised as it should be, and that it would be worth writing this quick post to help raise awareness. If you use Firefox, you can install the add-on straight into your browser via the link below…

Stylish For Firefox

And once you’ve got the add-on installed, you can search for, and choose your Twitter-related design customisations from Userstyles, via this link…

Userstyles – Design Selection

You don’t have to tinker about. The designs come pre-made. You just pick the one you want, then open your Twitter, and bingo – new look!

Stylish also provides design customisations for other sites, including some really cool ones for the Tumblr dashboard. It should, however, be stressed that the customisations are purely personal. In other words, you’ll see them each time you use Twitter, Tumblr or whatever, but other visitors to your page will continue to see the standard view. A slick redesign can be very good for the old mental state, though – especially since Stylish can remove Promoted Tweets from your timeline and hide other promoted content too!

Why not give it a try? It’s free, and you only live once.