Scrankers: New-Age Online Kerb-Crawlers in Close-up


Scrankers. They’re the virtual world’s answer to kerb-crawlers… Except their highway is Twitter, their vehicle is a computing device full of Porn Valley evercookies, and their wallets are invariably empty.

‘Scrank’, if you’ll excuse the graphic terminology, is an amalgamation of the words ‘scrounge’ and ‘wank’. And that perfectly sums up what scrankers do. They scrounge, or attempt to scrounge, free, sexually-fuelled kicks, on the Internet. Not from the male content pedlars on forums and P2P, but directly from the actual subjects of their desires – the female adult entertainers themselves. Scrankers are a burgeoning wave of self-serving males, who relentlessly use free social networking services to pester females with adult or glamour profiles, for ‘complimentary’ sexual and/or egotistical gratification.


Here in the UK, chat models from free-to-air adult TV channels have become a major focus for scrankers. But more broadly, webcam girls, adult movie stars and findom (financial domination) “Goddesses” are heavily targeted by these mega-cheapskate online kerb-crawlers. The men send an insulting message to the models and performers they seek to use for their pleasure:

“You are worth nothing. Your time is worth nothing. Your work is worth nothing.”

It’s a tidal wave of what the female entertainers have described as “entitlement”.

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The men involved in this mind-bogglingly dogged exercise share some universal characteristics. For example, almost all scrankers largely confine their communication to women in the adult entertainment business. Some, indeed, will not communicate with anyone else at all. They only attempt to contact female adult entertainers. But whilst the category of female they target is limited in the extreme, the actual number of women they simultaneously pester can be bafflingly extensive.

A scranker will think nothing of approaching 25 topless models in the space of 10 minutes, with exactly the same bullshit, self-serving ploy.

He won’t accept that this behaviour looks incredibly weird, selfish and creepy to other people. He’s so absorbed with gratifying himself, that any opinion beyond the outer reaches of his own deluded brain simply does not exist. Even when confronted with the truth from multiple sources (including some of the women he targets), he will block it out. It’s always the rest of the world who’s got it wrong. Never him.

Another universal characteristic of the scranker is excruciating repetition. Scrankers endlessly regurgitate the same, libido-driven verbal vomit, over and over again, ad nauseam. For this reason and the obvious others, an incredibly high proportion of a scranker’s communication attempts receive no response.

Some of the men have their messages ignored at a rate approaching 100%, and even men who claim to be offering the women money or work can easily see over 90% of their tweets ignored. This does NOT, however, deter them from sending more messages. An indictment in itself. Where does “not wishing to stop in the face of blatant disinterest” end, and “stalking” begin?


Despite having common, universal traits, scrankers also divide up into sub-groups. Different variants. The Husk, for instance, is a blank simpleton who can’t comprehend that adult entertainment is a profession. He thinks the women are on social media looking for boyfriends, and he’s genuinely bewildered when they don’t fall over themselves to take him up on his self-gratifying suggestions.

And then there’s Mr Nice Guy. He knows the women are in business, but he believes that if he puts on a sycophantic act, they’ll like him enough to engage for free. He has no concept of how ridiculously transparent his fake bullshit appears, and no amount of rejection will hammer home that reality.

Mr Nice Guy may also see himself as a special case, who, whilst acknowledging that other men should be expected to pay the women, somehow feels that he is exempt. Typically, he’ll feel the women owe him for his “kindness”. For his altruistic efforts to selflessly “help” them.

Of course, he’s not trying to help the poorest. He’s not trying to help the most needy. He’s trying to help the most glamorous, firm-breasted and topless. But whilst that’s laughable to anyone outside his me-bubble, he’s deluded enough to see his intentions as truly noble.

At the most aggressive end of the scale you have The Manipulator. This often highly volatile scranker knows the women he approaches have zero interest in fulfilling his whims, and that any grovelling or “nice guy” act is doomed to failure. He therefore sets about baiting the women with fake incentives. Money, gifts, work – who knows? The only thing that is certain is that he ain’t gonna honour his word, and just before it’s time for him to deliver what he promised, he’ll vanish, often blocking the female in the process.

The Manipulator category comprises anything from woefully ineffective liars, through passive-aggressive trolls, to flat-out con men committing sexual fraud. Commonly, manipulators will angle for “free samples”, often claiming they need reassurances as to the legitimacy of the service or entertainer’s identity. The most extreme manipulators essentially set out to use full-blown commercial adult services, but deliberately loophole the payments. They’re exceptionally bitter misogynists, who hate women for daring to monetise male desire, and are intent on combining their own sexual gratification with some kind of revenge. These men are routinely abusive when they don’t get their own way.

Everything has to be about them. Their selfishness knows no bounds. Some scrankers have even used false claims that they’re terminally ill in a bid to get their sexual urges serviced for free. It’s an ugly, ugly world.

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As this direct, one-to-one, sexually-motivated thrill-seeking grew more prevalent on the social web, some of the men looking for gratification sought to pervert concepts explored in a 2012 UK television programme called Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys.

Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys was an analysis of females who monetise men’s sexual aspiratons. But the programme’s sensationalised delivery resulted in a huge influx of pop-up female gold-diggers into the Twittersphere. The now legendary ‘Findom Gold Rush’ gathered momentum as a new breed of naïve females, just as deluded as the men, took to social media expecting something for nothing.

For a short time, this became almost a gilt-edged opportunity for scrankers to get their free thrills. Briefly, even many professional models were convinced by the TV show that there was a mystical band of men giving their worldly possessions to random women out of the goodness of their hearts. All scrankers had to do, was pretend to be Mr-More-Money-Than-Sense, lap up the enticements and attention, then move onto the next target just as it was time to pay up.

But the practice of “ungifting” quickly taught experienced models not to trust random men who promise material niceties on social networking sites. With “ungifting”, men actually purchase gifts for women, show proof, then have the goods refunded once the female has delivered her side of the bargain. In some cases, the entertainer could even lose money, as well as giving up a significant amount of her time and service. So in the established industry, this particular door rapidly slammed in the scranker’s face.

However, new females are joining the ‘Findom Gold Rush’ all the time. Fuelled by sensationalist mainstream media outlets, the dream of males with more money than sense bestowing riches upon any woman with the word “Goddess” in her Twitter handle, looks like providing scrankers’ with ongoing opportunities for the foreseeable future. Inexperienced, pop-up Twitter ‘Goddesses’ remain one of the easiest targets for scrankers.

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Scrankers as a whole comprise a high incidence of ‘virtual flashers’, who are ever-ready to send unsolicited obscene pictures or videos through cyberspace – as well as repeatedly asking for free services and content. But whilst all scrankers are sexually-motivated, their communication is not always sexual. Some, indeed, are not looking directly for sexual content, or to inflict obscenity. A lot major on a quest for ego-massage, and this gives them a sense that:

  • They’re not scranking or doing anything sexually-motivated.
  • They’re ENTITLED to attention on the basis that “they’re not asking for an adult service”, and “it would be discourteous for any woman to ignore a man who’s just trying to be friendly”.

What they fundamentally overlook, is that they’re NOT just trying to be friendly, and everyone can see that – except them. They’re seeking to gratify themselves, just like the aggressives. They just have a different method of attempting to self-serve. It’s not the words that roll off their keyboards which define them. It’s their goals and aspirations. The women don’t see the words. They see the goals and aspirations. How could they not? That’s why even Mr Nice Guy will never, ever achieve what he wants to achieve.


Timewasters, freeloaders, begs, scammers, creeps, haters, fantasists, womanisers, fuckboys – there are many terms used to describe scrankers on the social web. But separating them into their sub-groups can diminish the true sense of scale. This phenomenon is big, and it appears to be getting bigger. There’s a growing number of males for whom pre-existing erotic content is not sufficiently exciting. A recognised female sex symbol MUST be personally involved. And this is the Internet. So everything automatically has to be free, right?…

Not where time is money. And in any commercial profession, time is unquestionably money.


Gerald Fox
Nice Guy

This article is total bullshit. The reason I exclusively message naked sex-chat girls on Twitter is that they have great personalities. I elected to message them all based on their personality attributes, and it is purely a coincidence that every single one of them happened to be devoid of clothes. Indeed, I didn’t even realise they all had their tits out until after I sent the first 10,000 messages! I see them all as very good friends, so of course I don’t expect them to charge me!

Ed Case
Great Guy

Exactly mate! It’s bullshit. I do mainly tweet naked women from the adult industry, but I also happen to have sent more than 1,500 tweets to Miley Cyrus, who is a pop star and is not part of the adult industry. How can I be a sad stalker weirdo perv if I’ve sent 1,500 tweets to someone like Miley Cyrus?????!!! Can’t really see why she won’t reply or follow me back though. I only want to send her a couple of cheeky DMs!