Multiple Twitter Accounts? Check ALL Your Important Mentions In One Click

Twitter Notifications

Now that Twitter has begun feeding irrelevant entries into the Notifications timeline, it’s become easier to miss important mentions. As someone with multiple Twitter accounts, I’d been meaning to collate all my important incoming mentions into a simple point of access for a while, but I’d never got round to it. Twitter’s new ‘notification spam’ gave me the nudge I needed, and the job is now done. In this post I’m going to show you how I did it. No third-party apps required. You don’t necessarily even need to log in.

For some years I’ve felt that Twitter is far more useful as a search-based resource than as a follow-based resource, and the solution to this problem springs straight out of that ethos. Here’s the plan…

  1. Perform a Twitter search which will seek out and include all of your incoming mentions, whilst filtering out your own tweets and retweets.
  2. Bookmark that search in your browser so you can access a live-updating version of it at any time with a single click.


Sounds simple, and it is. But… if you want the results in chronological order, so your newest mentions are at the top, you’ll need to be able to access the Search Timeline Menu and select Latest, as shown below…

Twitter Search Menu

This menu, with the important “Latest” option, will not appear in some mobile views, but it does appear in all desktop views.


This depends. If you’re not logged in, you won’t see any mentions from people who tweet sensitive content (like nudity), or any mentions from people who are shadowbanned. Shadowbanning is a deliberate suppression of a user’s tweets, by Twitter, and is normally the result of abusive messaging, spamming, etc. So the question is: do you want to see mentions from people who tweet sensitive content, and/or are shadowbanned? If not, just perform the search logged out, and you’re good. If you want to reply to any tweets, just log into the account they’re directed to, and respond accordingly.

I suspect that most Twitter users will not be too worried about missing tweets from people who are in the ‘naughty corner’, and for some, NOT seeing such messages is actually going to be an advantage. My personal philosophy is that it’s up to other users to ensure that they stay visible. If they can’t manage that, I’m not going to lose any sleep over missing their tweets. I would also argue that tweets from people on shadowbans are highly unlikely to be of any real importance.

If you do want to see tweets from people who’ve been placed in the ‘naughty corner’, you’ll need to be logged in when you check your feed. You’ll also need to make sure your Safety Settings permit you to see sensitive content. Simply untick the Hide sensitive content box. You still may not see tweets from some shadowbanned accounts, but if they don’t appear even when you’ve elected to see sensitive content, you probably don’t want them anyway.


The search might take a few moments to build and get right, but remember, once it’s built, and you’ve bookmarked it, you won’t have to do it again. I’m going to start with an example. Here’s a line of search info, which goes into the Twitter search box…

@My1stAccount OR @My2ndAccount AND -from:@My1stAccount AND -from:@My2ndAccount

Replace My1stAccount and My2ndAccount with the usernames of your own accounts, and you’re in business. Don’t change any spacing and don’t use lower case for the “OR” and “AND” links. Also, be careful not to miss the minus signs, as they’re vitally important. Here’s how the search actually works…

The line breaks into two parts. Here’s the first…

@My1stAccount OR @My2ndAccount

That section finds all visible tweets that include your usernames.

Here’s the second part…

AND -from:@My1stAccount AND -from:@My2ndAccount

That section filters OUT all of your own tweets, so that all you end up seeing is other people’s messages, mentioning your accounts.

Have a third account? No problem. First part…

@My1stAccount OR @My2ndAccount OR @My3rdAccount

Second part…

AND -from:@My1stAccount AND -from:@My2ndAccount AND -from:@My3rdAccount

Sandwich it all together and you have this…

@My1stAccount OR @My2ndAccount OR @My3rdAccount AND -from:@My1stAccount AND -from:@My2ndAccount AND -from:@My3rdAccount

If you have more than eleven accounts, you may not be able to incorporate them all into a single search. That’s because Twitter’s search URL has a character limit, which is exceeded when you enter lots of usernames. How many usernames? It depends on the length of each one. There’s no limit on the usernames per se. Only a character limit on the length of the URL. The search will currently take 11 accounts if the usernames are of maximum length. It may take more accounts if the usernames are shorter.

Once you’ve entered your search, select Latest in the search menu, as documented earlier in the post. That will set everything into chronological order.

You can then bookmark the search, and it will be chronologically-ordered, and fully updated, every time you hit your bookmark.


Computer Says No

If you know you have mentions and you can’t see them, it’s almost certain you’ve mistyped your search text. Double check that your search is formatted as in the examples above, and that all your usernames are valid. If you still have no luck, cut the search down to one username, then increase it to two, and so on. That should show you which username is giving you the problem. In the above example, I’d missed an “OR” in between @My4thAccount and @My1stAccount. Similar syntax errors are likely to cause the same failure.

This solution should work very nicely if you’re someone who has multiple accounts and only wants to see polite tweets from well-behaved users. As a bonus, assuming Twitter fully rolls out and perhaps even scales up its ‘notifications spam‘, it should also save you the annoyance of being randomly told who’s Liking or Retweeting stuff you don’t care about.