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Bob Leggitt Avatar newTwirpz is an Internet culture and social media exploration by Bob Leggitt – nationally print-published writer and photographer, commercial online copywriter, multi-instrumentalist musician, and content-creator / VST software programmer for the music-focused site Planet Botch.

Essentially a sort of backburner project, Twirpz grew from experimental roots. It still seeks to delve into unexplored territory, or look at existing issues from unusual angles.


First on Twirps

Twirpz started life on 27th August 2011, as Twirps – an experimental blog on the Blogger (.blogspot) platform. The initial posts set out to highlight elements of online psychology by spoofing interactions between multiple users. The first post on Twirps (really just a test post) can be seen above. It ultimately found a home here on the current Twirpz blog.

In mid February 2012, after some inactivity on .blogspot, the project reopened on Tumblr, However, the unavailability of the @Twirps Twitter username prompted a change in spelling, to Twirpz.


On Tumblr, the original intention of mocking social media interactions broadened, with Twirpz starting to include straight analysis and insight articles. Subsequently, this more serious side of Twirpz was relocated here, to WordPress, whilst the experimental interactive spoofing spread to several different blogs, with individual themes.

Today, the experimental work that began on Twirpz (or Twirps, as it originally was), is being imported to this blog, so that everything Twirpz has developed and represented can be found in one place.

This blog is thus now a mix of serious and humorous content. The serious articles cover subjects such as privacy, copyright protection, advanced information-sourcing, and in particular, the fascinating environment of Twitter.

The lighter side of the project, from the older Twirpz blogs and their spin-offs, is being made accessible through the Original Twirpz Feed.


Contact for Twirpz is available Twitter. You can reach me via @PlanetBotch. Alternatively, there’s an email contact form on the Contact Page. The author does not guarantee a reply.