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My Psychic is a LIAR!


by Pinkie…
I have been dating a psychic through the dating site Meetaplex. He still, however, charges me for psychic readings – even if we are engaged in sexual intercourse at the time. I am not exactly happy about this, but he said that his employer – Psychix Direct – would fire his ass if he told my fortune for free. Fair enough. But what is not fair enough is that I’ve now discovered my psychic boyfriend is a LIAR! His name is Adrian Monkshank.

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Top Ten Most Breathtaking Computer Prices of the 1989 Tandy Catalogue

Breathtaking Tandy Prices 1989

Tandy was a technology and electrical store with branches throughout the UK in the 1980s. The outlet was renowned for its relatively attractive prices on good, usable equipment. You’d probably go there to get your hi-fi, your intercom, your multitester… But you might just have thought twice before ordering their computer gear. In fact, legend has it that several UK-based IT Managers quite literally collapsed from clinical shock whilst obtaining RAM upgrade quotes from Tandy… But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

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Beat The Censors!!!

The Uncensor Button

by Rick Uncensored…
Guest (Banned)
Hello. My name is Rick UNCENSORED. I am here for anyone who has had problems with censorship on this site. Using state of the art programming techniques, I have come up with an advanced software product which prevents moderators from interfering with your posts.

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Am I Under Surveillance?

Am I Under Surveillance

by Grip Thingles…
For reasons unknown to me, I have been placed under surveillance by six men with a letter ‘T’ on the front of their shirts. I’ve checked with Twitter and they’re not from there.

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First on Twirps

First on Twirps

First on Twirps! I do everything first! So glad I’m me! :)

Junior Poster

No one cares. And in any case it’s better to be second on Twirps and spell your username right than be first on Twirps and spell your username wrong.

First on Twirps

But I can change my username. You can never change the fact that you weren’t first on Twirps.

Junior Poster

As I say, no one cares. And good luck with the username change, lol.