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How To Get Yourself UnMuted on Twitter?

Unmute on Twitter1

One of the elements of Twitter’s Mute function that’s only just beginning to sink in across the wider reaches of the site, is that in practical terms, it’s irreversible. Okay, so in technical terms, after a Follower has muted you, they can feasibly seek out your account and unmute it. But how many are actually going to do that? None. Once a Follower clicks on Mute, that’s it. Unless you proactively do something about it, they’ve silently unfollowed you, for life. Continue reading How To Get Yourself UnMuted on Twitter?


Online Community Dependency

Twitter - Does Anyone Know How To

It sounds like some sort of crazed forum addiction, and it can be exactly that, but Online Community Dependency can also be a lot more subtle, and a lot more prevalent, than people realise. Continue reading Online Community Dependency

Why You Can’t Find What You Want on Google

Google Cannot Find

This post provides a synopsis on why the things you want are not on the Internet. If you’re after an actual guide to effective Google searching – finding those hard-to-locate goodies, please see How To Find Everything On The Internet.

Digital applause – the combination of Likes, Thanks, +1s, Favourites, Follows, positive comments and various other expressions of appreciation – is a major component in keeping the Internet free. Of course, it doesn’t keep the actual ISP service free. That’s always going to have to be paid for in one way or another. But the supply of accessible material – the photographs, articles, music, etc – a very high proportion of that is legitimately free, and it’s paid for in large part by digital applause. Continue reading Why You Can’t Find What You Want on Google

Why Twitter is Bad for Creatives

Supremotron's Conception

Every day, millions of people post their own content to the Internet. For most, it’s just a casual bit of sharing, of material which has typically taken no more than a few moments to create. A photo, captured on a smartphone and sent directly to a Facebook feed, or a simple thought, no more than a sentence long, typed instantly into Twitter. There’s no real ‘archival’ element to the content. It’s there for the moment – easy come, easy go. Continue reading Why Twitter is Bad for Creatives

Microsoft Windows in 1985

Windows 1.0 - 1985

How sophisticated you would have been in the mid 1980s, with a Personal Computer, and Microsoft Windows 1.0 with its built-in word-processor – Microsoft Write

Word Processing in the mid 1980s with Microsoft Windows 1.0 and Microsoft Write Continue reading Microsoft Windows in 1985