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Will SmugMug Keep Flickr Free To Use?

Class 150 Diesel Train - Birmingham, 2000

It’s a testament to Yahoo!/Oath’s running of Flickr in recent times, that it took an official email notification of SmugMug’s new acquisition to remind me that Flickr still existed. For reasons I outlined in the recent Oath/Tumblr post, businesses such as Oath do not inspire great confidence in creative people. But unlike Oath, SmugMug is not a portal-wielding bait-baron obsessed with trite, populist news and cheesily-executed ad campaigns. It’s a photo-sharing business. So, has Flickr been saved? Continue reading Will SmugMug Keep Flickr Free To Use?

The History of Online Photo Sharing: Part 2

ImageShack 2015

If you missed Part 1 of this history, you can find it via the following link…

The History of Online Photo Sharing: Part 1

If you’ve already read Part 1, let’s step forward into the mid noughties…


It was in the wake of Photobucket’s arrival that ventures such as ImageShack and ImageVenue followed – also offering free hotlinking to big sharing platforms (i.e. the forums). Indeed, 2004 brought a wave of these new, free, image publishing hosts into being. ImageShack became a huge player, but it was Flickr, born in mid February 2004, that really took things to the next level… Continue reading The History of Online Photo Sharing: Part 2

How To Correct Unsharp Images on

Birmingham Council House and Clock 18 April 1986

As a photographer, one of the things that’s always irritated me about the blogging platform is the way it handles images. Post a photo on Flickr and then hotlink it into a post, and you’ll see a really nice, sharp image, that scales down with good definition as and when necessary. But upload a photo directly to WordPress and you’ll very often end up with quite an ill-defined result. It probably looks acceptable to the average visitor, but it doesn’t look spectacular, and when you spend time making sure your photos are perfect, that’s annoying. Continue reading How To Correct Unsharp Images on

Flickr Fudging Views From Twitter?

Flickr image

Big UGC (User Generated Content) websites know a lot about users’ behaviour. But one of the things they’re most acutely aware of is that users are not going to post content if they feel no one’s interested. Each site has its own way of trying to reassure users that what they post is being viewed by other interested parties, thus maintaining a desire in contributors to keep feeding the mighty content machine. But over time, some sites’ methods have become increasingly dubious. In particular, there’s been a tendency on the part of various UGC facilities to exaggerate the amount of interest in users’ work in order to keep them motivated. Continue reading Flickr Fudging Views From Twitter?