Why You Can’t Find What You Want on Google

Google Cannot Find

This post provides a synopsis on why the things you want are not on the Internet. If you’re after an actual guide to effective Google searching – finding those hard-to-locate goodies, please see How To Find Everything On The Internet.

Digital applause – the combination of Likes, Thanks, +1s, Favourites, Follows, positive comments and various other expressions of appreciation – is a major component in keeping the Internet free. Of course, it doesn’t keep the actual ISP service free. That’s always going to have to be paid for in one way or another. But the supply of accessible material – the photographs, articles, music, etc – a very high proportion of that is legitimately free, and it’s paid for in large part by digital applause. Continue reading Why You Can’t Find What You Want on Google


Twitter Protocols: To @Mention or Not?

Compose New Tweet

Until now, there’s been a pretty unified take on the use of @mentions on Twitter. It seems most people believe that if you’re going to talk about another Twitter user within the bounds of the mammoth micro-blogging site, you should always ‘tag’ them into your tweet. Determine what their @username is, and refer to the person by that @username. This notifies them that you’re talking about them, and essentially, means you’re not saying anything behind their back. Continue reading Twitter Protocols: To @Mention or Not?

Tariffs: How to Con the 21st Century Pubilc

Tariffs in a nutshell

Con artistry is more prevalent in society than ever before. But unlike the way things were in the past, with scammers easily recognised and permanently on the run, most cons today are legal, and perpetrated by supposedly legitimate businesses. The line between scammers and “legal businesses with a modern approach” is often incredibly difficult to draw here in 2014. Continue reading Tariffs: How to Con the 21st Century Pubilc

Bots Out Of Control On Twiends Discovery?

Twiends Discovery
Above: The familiar “No More Available” screen – now pretty much perpetual at Twiends.

It looks, at least for the moment, as if the automated routines sold in the Web ‘underworld’ have all but killed off the Twiends Discovery feature. If you need a broader insight into Twiends, incidentally, I’ve taken a comprehensive look at the site in Why Twiends Doesn’t Work. Continue reading Bots Out Of Control On Twiends Discovery?

Stop Scratching Your Balls In Restaurants

Marlbrook Restaurant 27 July 2001

The first half of 2014 has brought a rising number of complaints from women who have arranged a meet through dating site Meetaplex, and been confronted with a man who has scratched his gonads for varying lengths of time in the restaurant or pub.

Continue reading Stop Scratching Your Balls In Restaurants

The Design Consultant’s Computer

Design Consultant Computer Fire

The Twirpz Design Consultant has experienced a problem with his home computer. It is very much hoped that someone can help with some advice.

Essentially, the computer became a little sluggish so the Consultant used an app built by Rick Uncensored to restore the system to health.

Continue reading The Design Consultant’s Computer

Twitter’s New Mute Function – Another Mistake

Twitter Mute Function

Twitter has driven yet another nail into its own coffin with the introduction of a function which makes the biggest mockery of the social media site’s system to date. The new Mute function looks set to increase spam, and potentially create serious dangers for those who use it… Continue reading Twitter’s New Mute Function – Another Mistake