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How To Opt Out Of WordPress.com’s Internal Analytics Tracking

WordPress internal analytics opt-out

Don’t you just love the way GDPR has forced the data mining giants of cyberspace to begrudgingly provide us with more detailed privacy disclosures and a little “Get Lost Peeping Tom!” button? A handy means for us to reclaim at least some of our privacy and limit the amount of our personal data the companies can collect or preseve?

Of course, most businesses are only telling us as much as the law says they have to tell us, and plenty of information about newer tracking technologies is flying under the radar. But GDPR’s tighter data regulation is a step in the right direction, and the general fuss it’s created has prompted a lot of us to pay more attention to web tracking. We’re better understanding our rights as site users and visitors, as well as our responsibilities as site administrators. Continue reading How To Opt Out Of WordPress.com’s Internal Analytics Tracking

What To Do When Blog Visitors DON’T READ YOUR TEXT

What To Do When Visitors Don't Read Your Text

94% of site visitors don’t read more than a fraction of a post’s main body text. It’s a startling statistic, but if you administrate a blog or a website, you’ll probably find it quite believable. By a calculation I’ve averaged across several blogs of different types, I anticipate that only 6% of visitors will properly read this post. And what’s more, within WordPress – the social blogging platform I’m using to publish – it’s likely that NONE of the people who click the Like or Follow buttons in relation to this post will even have visited the page, let alone read anything on it. Continue reading What To Do When Blog Visitors DON’T READ YOUR TEXT

Twitter Analytics – What Are The Implications?

Twitter Analytics

I’m sure, if you use the site regularly, you’ll be aware that Twitter has now made its Analytics facility available to regular users, allowing one and all to measure interest in their accounts, as well as the reach of each Tweet.

If you weren’t already aware you can find the page HERE, but do note that if you’ve never used Twitter Analytics before as a verified or commercial user, the stats may be blank on your first visit. Measurement only begins from your first Tweet AFTER logging into the Analytics page. However, if your browser doesn’t restrict cookies, it should have been able to access the page as part of your normal Twitter logins, so your stats will still be retrospective. Continue reading Twitter Analytics – What Are The Implications?