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The Cyber Witch Hunt

Cyber Witch Hunt 1

They’re now so common that most of us have witnessed at least one as a live event during our cyberspace travels. We look on in borderline disbelief as a mind-boggling array of angry souls pile in to essentially re-word the same acidic criticism, punctuated only by the odd tirade of abuse, and a passing troll chipping in with a timely popcorn-chomping GIF.

The target, meanwhile, stands alone, quite possibly driven offline. What we’re seeing, is the cyber witch hunt – an ugly manifestation of sustained online gang pursuit and attack. The core characteristic is a sense of gross imbalance, in which just one person – metaphorically “the witch” – is persistently targeted by a growing mob. Continue reading The Cyber Witch Hunt


Twitter Has Lost The Plot

Twitter Intro and Signup Screen

You’ll have noticed that the title is not phrased “Has Twitter Lost The Plot?”, in keeping with the usual style of this blog. It’s a much more assertive “Twitter Has Lost The Plot”. I promised myself that I’d keep this blog vaguely professional and would not get my knickers in a twist over take-it-or-leave-it facets of the Internet. But I can no longer persuade myself that there’s some kind of logic to what Twitter is doing. The site has, quite seriously, lost the plot… Continue reading Twitter Has Lost The Plot

Get a Life!… What It Really Means

LOL, WTF?, Get a life
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“Get a life!”… It’s one of the most familiar put-downs on the World Wide Web, appearing on forums and the social networking sites with striking regularity. But there’s almost always an irony in the phrase, because in order to recognise that some unknown character in a far-flung corner of the Net needs to get a life, you kind of have to be paying fairly close attention to some pretty trivial matters yourself… Continue reading Get a Life!… What It Really Means

Your Twitter Link Colour Defines Your Personality

Twitter Link Colours

Did you know that the colour you choose for the links in your Twitter design defines your personality? If you’ve left your links as standard, cool – you recognise that Twitter has not become one of the biggest players on the Internet by providing users with stupid link colours, and you’ve wisely opted to trust the site’s judgement. If, however, you’ve changed the colour of your links, you need to read this post. Continue reading Your Twitter Link Colour Defines Your Personality

Twitter: When Should I Block?

Twitter @ToyatheGemini on blockingAbove: A very prevalent and understandable feeling among Twitter users. View @ToyatheGemini’s original Tweet on Twitter

It seems pretty straightforward, but Twitter’s Block function can provoke some complicated and difficult situations. Indeed, the details of blocking etiquette are not really universal. Blocking means different things to different people. So when, exactly, should you block another user on Twitter?… Continue reading Twitter: When Should I Block?

How To Get Yourself UnMuted on Twitter?

Unmute on Twitter1

One of the elements of Twitter’s Mute function that’s only just beginning to sink in across the wider reaches of the site, is that in practical terms, it’s irreversible. Okay, so in technical terms, after a Follower has muted you, they can feasibly seek out your account and unmute it. But how many are actually going to do that? None. Once a Follower clicks on Mute, that’s it. Unless you proactively do something about it, they’ve silently unfollowed you, for life. Continue reading How To Get Yourself UnMuted on Twitter?

HELP!!! My Twitter Followers Are Not Listening!: The Remedies

Twitter FollowBack

They’re not listening, are they? Most of them aren’t, anyway. Or at least that’s what you think. But you’re not alone. That feeling of shouting into a void is a part of most people’s Twitter experience, and it’s where the more serious social media analysts are now focusing the bulk of their attention. Any idiot can get 5,000 followers on Twitter, but 5,000 followers who actually listen? No. That kind of attention is reserved only for the famous. Or is it?… Continue reading HELP!!! My Twitter Followers Are Not Listening!: The Remedies