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How Will a Higher Tweet Character Limit Affect Copyright Infringement on Twitter?


I must admit, when I heard last autumn that Twitter was experimenting with a higher character limit for tweets, my first thought was: “Probably won’t happen”. This was, however, quickly followed by a second thought of: “If it does happen, the site had better brace itself for the DMCA notices”. Now it looks fairly likely that the tweet character limit will be increased, that nagging issue of copyright infringement still looks to be one of the biggest talking points for the long term. But will this be an entirely negative debate, or could a higher character limit actually create better conditions for copyright holders in some cases? Continue reading How Will a Higher Tweet Character Limit Affect Copyright Infringement on Twitter?

How to Stop Content Theft on Flickr

Alien at Birmingham Bull Ring Opening

[UPDATE: Please note that this post is no longer valid. Due to Flickr’s Favorites leak, which serves favorited images to scrapers and search engines regardless of your settings, there’s now nothing you can do to stop your images falling prey to scrapers, with Flickr’s blessing.]

A scraper is an Internet thief who uses automated routines to steal unthinkable quantities of creative work, and the huge photo site Flickr is a scraper’s paradise. Not only does Flickr virtually guarantee scrapers usable, categorised and vetted content – it even gives them an official API tool which makes it childishly simple for them to gather it up and re-post it. Continue reading How to Stop Content Theft on Flickr

Twitter Crimes: 1 – Klout Theft

Sadly, it’s endemic on Twitter. Not only content theft, but also the much less commonly recognised scourge of Klout Theft. You’ll probably be aware that your Klout is your Twitter influence. It’s not purely about how many followers you have – it’s about how many people really notice you, care about what you say, and respond to you. Klout has high value on Twitter. In fact, Klout has become such a valuable commodity that people are stealing it. You do the work, they get your Klout. Continue reading Twitter Crimes: 1 – Klout Theft