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Was 2017 the Beginning of the End For Third-Party Twitter Apps?

JPEGJuice Twitter Profile

The past year has seen Twitter taking more action than ever before in a bid to clean up its image. The site has declared war on abuse, and exploited its own control over tweet visibility to wipe many serial abusers out of the picture – even if they’re still technically active on the site. Continue reading Was 2017 the Beginning of the End For Third-Party Twitter Apps?

How To Correct Unsharp Images on WordPress.com

Birmingham Council House and Clock 18 April 1986

As a photographer, one of the things that’s always irritated me about the WordPress.com blogging platform is the way it handles images. Post a photo on Flickr and then hotlink it into a WordPress.com post, and you’ll see a really nice, sharp image, that scales down with good definition as and when necessary. But upload a photo directly to WordPress and you’ll very often end up with quite an ill-defined result. It probably looks acceptable to the average visitor, but it doesn’t look spectacular, and when you spend time making sure your photos are perfect, that’s annoying. Continue reading How To Correct Unsharp Images on WordPress.com

The History of Twitter in Profile Pages: 2006 to 2015

2006_11_08 Twitter Jack Profile Page

Looking at the slick impact of today’s desktop Twitter profile page, there’s little hint of the fact that the site grew out of a simple mobile text messaging app. But grow it certainly did, and with Twitter now staggeringly influential in world media, it’s fascinating to trace things right back to the humble beginnings and chart the site’s aesthetic evolution. So, in one epic post, here’s the history of Twitter, visually represented in the changing face of its profile page, from the inception year of 2006, to the time of writing. Most captures have been edited to reduce the height of the timeline, but all efforts have been made to retain the essence of the layout…


Heading the post is the profile page of co-founder Jack Dorsey in its early November 2006 incarnation. Apart from the primitive look of the page, there are several points of note. Tweets were referred to as Updates, there was no total for Favorites displayed, and most interestingly, the Following total was referred to as Friends. Even today, many Twitter users and third party apps substitute the word Friends for Following, but in order to see the “Friends” terminology in official use on the profile page, you have to go right back the site’s birth year of 2006. Continue reading The History of Twitter in Profile Pages: 2006 to 2015

Change The Look of Your Twitter With Stylish

Twitter with Stylish

Whilst researching a forthcoming post about historical changes to Twitter profile pages, I was reminded that years ago, when Twitter looked rather more plain than it does today, I used to employ a Firefox add-on called Stylish to nice up my experience. I’d forgotten the name of the add-on, so I started to Google various design-related terms in a bid to find it. However, I didn’t have much luck, and eventually I had to rummage back through my personal diary to recover the info. Continue reading Change The Look of Your Twitter With Stylish