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Hot King Lycra Promises Hottest Ever Performance!

Hot King Lycra Live March 2016

Grant Greenstripe (Talent Agent):
Fans of the new sensation in the underbelly of the UK music scene can still get their hands on the last few precious tickets to see Hot King Lycra live tonight. Now tipped to be the biggest seller in popular music since Elvis and The Beatles, Hot King Lycra has said of tonight’s performance…

“You will never have seen anything like this before. In two momentous, game-changing hours, I am going to revolutionise the face of popular music. ”

Does that sound like something you’d want to miss? Continue reading Hot King Lycra Promises Hottest Ever Performance!

How To Find EVERYTHING on the Internet

How To Find Everything On The Internet

Google is so simple… IF you want what everyone else wants. The world’s favourite search engine has made its fortune second-guessing every phrase you type into it. No matter what you actually want, Google will use its giant, virtual brain to make a judgement on what most people would want, and then give you that content. By default, Google doesn’t simply search for what you type. It searches for what it thinks you mean.

This is actually a huge problem, because whilst for very typical searches, most of the time Google will be right; for more unusual searches, it’s likely to be wrong a high proportion of the time. And not just wrong – very wrong. Continue reading How To Find EVERYTHING on the Internet