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Content Theft on Forums: What Can Be Done?

Message Board Copyright Infringement

We’ve all seen them. Internet forums built around nothing but stolen content. Photos lifted directly from Google Images, and text cut-‘n’-pasted wholesale from blogs and websites. Post after post it’s simply “Quote…”; followed by someone’s entire, copyright-protected blog entry. No permission, no link, no attribution. And sometimes the material is not even acknowledged as a quote. A blogger wouldn’t get away with this, so how come so many forums do? Continue reading Content Theft on Forums: What Can Be Done?


The Truth About Internet Forums

Twirpz Forum Post

I thought that since, over the past two or three years, I’ve done a large amount of research into Internet forums and message boards, it was high time I gathered together the best, most insightful and most popular of the resultant articles into a handy reference post. Quite by chance, the list forms a neat and tidy Top Ten. Continue reading The Truth About Internet Forums

My Psychic is a LIAR!


by Pinkie…
I have been dating a psychic through the dating site Meetaplex. He still, however, charges me for psychic readings – even if we are engaged in sexual intercourse at the time. I am not exactly happy about this, but he said that his employer – Psychix Direct – would fire his ass if he told my fortune for free. Fair enough. But what is not fair enough is that I’ve now discovered my psychic boyfriend is a LIAR! His name is Adrian Monkshank.

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Beat The Censors!!!

The Uncensor Button

by Rick Uncensored…
Guest (Banned)
Hello. My name is Rick UNCENSORED. I am here for anyone who has had problems with censorship on this site. Using state of the art programming techniques, I have come up with an advanced software product which prevents moderators from interfering with your posts.

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Am I Under Surveillance?

Am I Under Surveillance

by Grip Thingles…
For reasons unknown to me, I have been placed under surveillance by six men with a letter ‘T’ on the front of their shirts. I’ve checked with Twitter and they’re not from there.

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