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How To Get Greater Recognition as a Creator of Online Comedy


I went in at the deep end with written humour, sending irreverent articles to printed magazines in the 1990s, and fortunately finding an editor who was only too pleased to publish and pay for them.

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The Contact Rant

Outlook Email

Why do we do it? Why do we allow random strangers to contact us via the Internet? We’ve learned in the offline world that no stranger ever knocks our door because they want to do us a favour. So what are we expecting when we establish a presence online, and then essentially invite a bunch of grasping commercial psychopaths, bored cyber-vagrants, and certified, flat-out weirdos to get in touch?

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Your Twitter Link Colour Defines Your Personality

Twitter Link Colours

Did you know that the colour you choose for the links in your Twitter design defines your personality? If you’ve left your links as standard, cool – you recognise that Twitter has not become one of the biggest players on the Internet by providing users with stupid link colours, and you’ve wisely opted to trust the site’s judgement. If, however, you’ve changed the colour of your links, you need to read this post. Continue reading Your Twitter Link Colour Defines Your Personality

The Design Consultant’s Computer

Design Consultant Computer Fire

The Twirpz Design Consultant has experienced a problem with his home computer. It is very much hoped that someone can help with some advice.

Essentially, the computer became a little sluggish so the Consultant used an app built by Rick Uncensored to restore the system to health.

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