Direct Message Read Receipts: Another Desperate Mistake For Twitter?


Essential modernisation. A good way to demonstrate that you’re proactively ignoring someone. A stalker’s charter… These are some of the reactions to Twitter’s introduction, on 8th September 2016, of Read Receipts for Direct Messages. Although Tweeps can opt out, Twitter automatically opted users into the new system without warning, consent, or in many cases, even knowledge.

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10 Mistakes You Should Not Make In Your Twitter Bio

Twitter Bio

It comprises only 160 characters, but the Twitter bio is really important for those who want to use the site meaningfully. A good bio can not only attract good followers – it can also prompt them to engage. Continue reading 10 Mistakes You Should Not Make In Your Twitter Bio

List Spammers: Twitter’s Great Unpunishables

List Spamming Morons

Let’s face it, spam is the very definition of Twitter, but most types of Twitter spam can be combatted. The majority of spamming ploys carry significant risk for the spammer, and are easily penalised, directly, by the recipient. For instance, you can unfollow someone who spams you with Direct Messages. Or you can report a spam tweet, which can, if enough other users do likewise, see the perpetrator’s account suspended. You can even Mute users whose tweets are annoying and/or of no value.

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Ten Reasons Why Mass/Auto-DMs on Twitter Are a Dumb Move

Twitter Direct Message Spam

I can see their little faces, peering at some ghastly app and being informed that they have the means to automatically promote whatever they want to promote, directly, to all their Twitter followers at once. The faces adopt not a gleeful smile, but an intensive and mildly aggressive look of self-serving focus, as the brain takes route one and engages the process.

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The Top Five Worst Twitter Marketing Mistakes

A Crowd and an Audience

Most guides on what to do or what not to do in Twitter marketing come from marketers who don’t have to suffer the pain of their own advice. This rundown comes from the other side of the equation. It’s the perception not of someone who lets a bunch of apps run their Twitter for them and hasn’t a clue who they’re following, but of someone who (brace yourself)… actually READS Twitter…

Some marketing is very clever and it does have a positive effect. Some, however, is truly awful from an engaged reader’s viewpoint. It’s the truly awful stuff I’m looking at here. I’m going to list the mistakes that all genuinely professional marketers are aware of, but are happy to let the rest of the bunch commit. After all, the money lost as a result of these mistakes is going into the pockets of the professionals who steer clear of them. Why would they complain?

Twitter Marketing Mistakes (1)

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10% of Twitter Timeline Now Adverts

Promoted Tweets

As someone who isn’t socially-orientated, it doesn’t really bother me whether or not I log into Twitter. I’ll log in if I want to promote something immediately, or if I’ve got one-liners which are never going to grow into blog articles. But I more often consume Twitter content purely as a reader, and to do that, I don’t even need to visit the site, let alone log in… Continue reading 10% of Twitter Timeline Now Adverts

HELP!!! My Twitter Followers Are Not Listening!: The Remedies

Twitter FollowBack

They’re not listening, are they? Most of them aren’t, anyway. Or at least that’s what you think. But you’re not alone. That feeling of shouting into a void is a part of most people’s Twitter experience, and it’s where the more serious social media analysts are now focusing the bulk of their attention. Any idiot can get 5,000 followers on Twitter, but 5,000 followers who actually listen? No. That kind of attention is reserved only for the famous. Or is it?… Continue reading HELP!!! My Twitter Followers Are Not Listening!: The Remedies