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The Contact Rant

Outlook Email

Why do we do it? Why do we allow random strangers to contact us via the Internet? We’ve learned in the offline world that no stranger ever knocks our door because they want to do us a favour. So what are we expecting when we establish a presence online, and then essentially invite a bunch of grasping commercial psychopaths, bored cyber-vagrants, and certified, flat-out weirdos to get in touch?

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Google Search Now Has Limited Lifespan


Google has now been the King of Search for about a decade and a half, and most people envisage that the organisation’s supremacy cannot be challenged. However, Google’s basic foundations are now old, and well out of date. Although the Mighty G has continued to tackle attempts to game its system over time, we’re now close to the end of the road. The key problems with Google Search are no longer about controlling spam tactics per se. They’re about the fact that Google is a machine, using an outdated concept, whilst the Internet is increasingly human, and behaves very differently from the way it behaved 20 years ago. Continue reading Google Search Now Has Limited Lifespan

The Top Five Worst Twitter Marketing Mistakes

A Crowd and an Audience

Most guides on what to do or what not to do in Twitter marketing come from marketers who don’t have to suffer the pain of their own advice. This rundown comes from the other side of the equation. It’s the perception not of someone who lets a bunch of apps run their Twitter for them and hasn’t a clue who they’re following, but of someone who (brace yourself)… actually READS Twitter…

Some marketing is very clever and it does have a positive effect. Some, however, is truly awful from an engaged reader’s viewpoint. It’s the truly awful stuff I’m looking at here. I’m going to list the mistakes that all genuinely professional marketers are aware of, but are happy to let the rest of the bunch commit. After all, the money lost as a result of these mistakes is going into the pockets of the professionals who steer clear of them. Why would they complain?

Twitter Marketing Mistakes (1)

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Top Ten Best Ever Free WordPress.com Themes


Although this is a list based on personal opinion rather than actual popularity stats, it doesn’t come without a lot of experimentation and use. With new themes arriving all the time, it’s getting harder and harder to unearth the real gems among the baffling range of options, and there are plenty of great current themes in this rundown. But the post shouldn’t be read purely as a “what to use” guide. It’s really a celebration of ten design icons from the full history of WordPress.com.

Three of the celebrated themes are no longer available for new blogs, but they were true greats in their day, and they add historical interest to an otherwise contemporary collection. The rest of the list comprises themes which any WP user can select straight from their Theme Options screen at the time of writing.


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10% of Twitter Timeline Now Adverts

Promoted Tweets

As someone who isn’t socially-orientated, it doesn’t really bother me whether or not I log into Twitter. I’ll log in if I want to promote something immediately, or if I’ve got one-liners which are never going to grow into blog articles. But I more often consume Twitter content purely as a reader, and to do that, I don’t even need to visit the site, let alone log in… Continue reading 10% of Twitter Timeline Now Adverts

Hiding The Following List/Total on Twitter…

Hide Twitter Following Count

When big social media sites outline their strategies, Even the smallest details can have a huge impact on long term success. If you’re a privacy advocate, one of the first things you’ll have noticed about Twitter is that very little of your business is hidden from public display. If your account is public, everyone can see a full list of the accounts you’re following, and even if your account is, ahem… ‘protected’, everyone can still see a numerical total. The same applies to the total of accounts following you. Continue reading Hiding The Following List/Total on Twitter…

Twitter Protocols: To @Mention or Not?

Compose New Tweet

Until now, there’s been a pretty unified take on the use of @mentions on Twitter. It seems most people believe that if you’re going to talk about another Twitter user within the bounds of the mammoth micro-blogging site, you should always ‘tag’ them into your tweet. Determine what their @username is, and refer to the person by that @username. This notifies them that you’re talking about them, and essentially, means you’re not saying anything behind their back. Continue reading Twitter Protocols: To @Mention or Not?