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The Twitter Creep Test

Twitter Creep Test

Most creeps know, deep down, that they’re creeps. Even if we weren’t aware of that before the rise of Web 2.0, we certainly are now. On Twitter – one of the Internet’s most conducive platforms for questionable conduct – we can see the creep at work, and a defining facet of his behaviour is a constant quest to hide his activities from the wider world. A creep wants his lascivious and suggestive fawning and/or propositioning to be private, but women won’t talk to him in private, so he airs all of his embarrassing virtual laundry in public. Continue reading The Twitter Creep Test

Your Twitter Link Colour Defines Your Personality

Twitter Link Colours

Did you know that the colour you choose for the links in your Twitter design defines your personality? If you’ve left your links as standard, cool – you recognise that Twitter has not become one of the biggest players on the Internet by providing users with stupid link colours, and you’ve wisely opted to trust the site’s judgement. If, however, you’ve changed the colour of your links, you need to read this post. Continue reading Your Twitter Link Colour Defines Your Personality