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Cookie Horrors: Extreme Data Mining and Online Spying

Extreme Data Mining and Online Spying

Do you block or regularly delete Web cookies?… Nice one! Unfortunately, however, not everyone wants to congratulate you. Indeed, it’s probably fair to say that the Internet as a whole hates your very guts. But don’t worry. The Internet has many sly solutions to your increasingly futile attempts to regain some privacy, and the more of us who block or delete cookies, the worse things are likely to get. Continue reading Cookie Horrors: Extreme Data Mining and Online Spying

Is Privacy-Protected Search Just A Gimmick?

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Privacy protection has become a big factor in the realm of smaller search engines. It’s one way in which an otherwise unremarkable site can compete with the most accomplished and spectacular in the world. If users fear serious privacy breaches enough, they’ll seek out a search engine which professes not to store any of their data, and in the wake of media stories about mass government surveillance, that’s exactly what’s been happening.

But is privacy protection a real commitment on the part of the search providers involved, or is it just a gimmick? If one of the search businesses currently trading on privacy were to grow to the size of Google, would it maintain its values, or would it quietly throw that privacy commitment out of the window and start mining data, just like everyone else?…

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Your Digital Fingerprint: What The Web Doesn’t Want You To Know


Have you noticed that the websites you use are getting more and more dependent on JavaScript routines that don’t appear to do anything other than make the whole experience that little bit more sluggish? Simple, fast and perfectly usable systems have morphed into more resource-hungry and generally more annoying environments. Do they do any more for users today than they did in the past? In most cases, no. So why are online businesses investing so much time and money in these extensive updates?

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How To Get Into The Big Brother House

Big Brother Poster 16 August 2010

People used to be pretty good at rejecting spyware. That godawful toolbar which downloaded itself onto your Pentium III PC back in 2001, disabled your search engine and turned your browser into a marketing portal?… Well, you had your security software in attack mode within five minutes, didn’t you?

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How to ‘Soft-Hack’ a Twitter Account

Twitter Soft Hack WTF

Before I get started with this post, if you’re just looking for information on how people can see your protected tweets, you’ll find the answer in How Snoopers Access The Tweets in Your Protected Twitter Account If you already know that, here’s another thought-provoking observation I made about Twitter’s privacy arrangements…

Have you ever wondered what a Twitter user might be doing on the quiet, when your back is turned? Have you ever considered that there might be ways to find out, without breaking the law, and without even breaking Twitter’s Terms of Service? Well, if so, you might want to take a look at this groundbreaking article. Equally, if you care about your OWN privacy, and you want to know how vulnerable you are to covert monitoring by ORDINARY MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC, this is going to be essential reading. Everyone should know how atrocious Twitter’s privacy measures are… Continue reading How to ‘Soft-Hack’ a Twitter Account

The Twitter Suckers List

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Suckers lists. Compilations of personal details relating to people who are easy to scam. You might think that this type of information is a very closed shop, with scam organisations keeping the data closely guarded among their ranks and charging a vast amount of money even to pass it on to fellow blag artists. But the combination of human ignorance and social media’s ‘sleepwalk’ privacy arrangements means that actually, if you want to compile your own suckers list, you can do it on Twitter, in moments, for free. Continue reading The Twitter Suckers List

Protected Twitter: Futile and Dumb?

Planet Botch Protected Twitter

Protecting a Twitter account can seem like a fairly easy decision – particularly if you’ve had problems of one sort or another, and don’t want certain people bothering you or reporting on what you’ve said. But in most circumstances, protecting a Twitter account isn’t a good idea. Continue reading Protected Twitter: Futile and Dumb?