Is REALLY a Blogging Platform?

Medium has become a rising force in online publishing. It’s certainly, at a glance, one of Web 2.0’s more intelligent-looking achievements. Indeed, it pretty much epitomises the modern face of value-driven web content. But is it really a blogging platform? And if not, what is Medium?… Twitter for grown-ups? The immaculately conceived lovechild of Hubpages? Let’s find out… Continue reading Is REALLY a Blogging Platform?

What To Do When Blog Visitors DON’T READ YOUR TEXT

What To Do When Visitors Don't Read Your Text

94% of site visitors don’t read more than a fraction of a post’s main body text. It’s a startling statistic, but if you administrate a blog or a website, you’ll probably find it quite believable. By a calculation I’ve averaged across several blogs of different types, I anticipate that only 6% of visitors will properly read this post. And what’s more, within WordPress – the social blogging platform I’m using to publish – it’s likely that NONE of the people who click the Like or Follow buttons in relation to this post will even have visited the page, let alone read anything on it. Continue reading What To Do When Blog Visitors DON’T READ YOUR TEXT