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Is Medium.com REALLY a Blogging Platform?


Medium.com has become a rising force in online publishing. It’s certainly, at a glance, one of Web 2.0’s more intelligent-looking achievements. Indeed, it pretty much epitomises the modern face of value-driven web content. But is it really a blogging platform? And if not, what is Medium?… Twitter for grown-ups? The immaculately conceived lovechild of Hubpages? Let’s find out… Continue reading Is Medium.com REALLY a Blogging Platform?

Change The Look of Your Twitter With Stylish

Twitter with Stylish

Whilst researching a forthcoming post about historical changes to Twitter profile pages, I was reminded that years ago, when Twitter looked rather more plain than it does today, I used to employ a Firefox add-on called Stylish to nice up my experience. I’d forgotten the name of the add-on, so I started to Google various design-related terms in a bid to find it. However, I didn’t have much luck, and eventually I had to rummage back through my personal diary to recover the info. Continue reading Change The Look of Your Twitter With Stylish

Top Ten Best Ever Free WordPress.com Themes


Although this is a list based on personal opinion rather than actual popularity stats, it doesn’t come without a lot of experimentation and use. With new themes arriving all the time, it’s getting harder and harder to unearth the real gems among the baffling range of options, and there are plenty of great current themes in this rundown. But the post shouldn’t be read purely as a “what to use” guide. It’s really a celebration of ten design icons from the full history of WordPress.com.

Three of the celebrated themes are no longer available for new blogs, but they were true greats in their day, and they add historical interest to an otherwise contemporary collection. The rest of the list comprises themes which any WP user can select straight from their Theme Options screen at the time of writing.


Redoable Lite Continue reading Top Ten Best Ever Free WordPress.com Themes