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Has The New Connections System Improved Twiends?

Twiends Connections

Twiends is a ‘freemium’ facility for Twitter users who want to build up their follower count extremely quickly – and it certainly accomplishes that goal. But back in April 2014, I published a post called Why Twiends Doesn’t Work. I concluded that whilst Twiends does indeed rapidly increase your follower count, for free, the followers to whom it gives you access will almost inevitably be so singularly absorbed with promoting themselves, that they won’t pay any attention to you.

A substantial part of my criticism centred around Twiends’ motivational system, in which points, or Seeds, as they were known, were awarded to users in return for following Twitter accounts. One year later, however, Twiends began rolling out major revisions, scrapping the Seeds system, and shifting to a new method of operation called Connections. Is this a new dawn for Twiends?

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Twitter Crimes: 1 – Klout Theft

Sadly, it’s endemic on Twitter. Not only content theft, but also the much less commonly recognised scourge of Klout Theft. You’ll probably be aware that your Klout is your Twitter influence. It’s not purely about how many followers you have – it’s about how many people really notice you, care about what you say, and respond to you. Klout has high value on Twitter. In fact, Klout has become such a valuable commodity that people are stealing it. You do the work, they get your Klout. Continue reading Twitter Crimes: 1 – Klout Theft

My Psychic is a LIAR!


by Pinkie…
I have been dating a psychic through the dating site Meetaplex. He still, however, charges me for psychic readings – even if we are engaged in sex at the time.

I am not exactly happy about this, but he said that his employer – Psychix Direct – would fire him if he told my fortune for free. Fair enough. But what is not fair enough is that I’ve now discovered my psychic boyfriend is a LIAR! His name is Adrian. Continue reading My Psychic is a LIAR!