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Ten Reasons Why Mass/Auto-DMs on Twitter Are a Dumb Move

Twitter Direct Message Spam

I can see their little faces, peering at some ghastly app and being informed that they have the means to automatically promote whatever they want to promote, directly, to all their Twitter followers at once. The faces adopt not a gleeful smile, but an intensive and mildly aggressive look of self-serving focus, as the brain takes route one and engages the process.

But like all plans that look too good to be true, this is too good to be true. There are in fact more than ten reasons why automated, mass Direct Messages are a dumb means of Twitter promotion. But here are ten of the most obvious, and important… Continue reading Ten Reasons Why Mass/Auto-DMs on Twitter Are a Dumb Move

Identifying Who’s Behind a Twitter Fake

Who's Behind the Twitter Fake

Some years ago I began to take an increasing interest in a couple of guys who were experts at identifying fake Internet accounts. They weren’t trained specialists – they were just ordinary Web users. But they were always exposing fake accounts, and they were always right.

On one occasion, one of them uncovered three digits’ worth of accounts belonging to the same person, and published his allegations. Initially, to say I was sceptical was an understatement, but it soon became clear that his accusations were correct. I became fascinated with how he investigated these matters – all the more so because he’d often publish his rationale and evidence in each case. Continue reading Identifying Who’s Behind a Twitter Fake

Why Twitter Users REALLY Protect Their Accounts

Twirpz Quote B

When most people see a protected Twitter account, they’ll either Follow it, ignore it, or, if my relevant blog stats are anything to go by, come to this site in a bid to find out how to covertly spy on it. But when I see a protected Twitter account, my initial instinct is none of the above. What I want to do, is find out why. Why did that user protect his or her account? There has to be a reason. There’s a reason for everything. Continue reading Why Twitter Users REALLY Protect Their Accounts

Who Is The Online Hater?

Hater Troll Keyboard Warrior

Anger. Most of it is momentary. Someone gets heavily stressed and annoyed, they flare up and lash out, they apologise, it’s over. But the Internet has highlighted an altogether different type of anger. It’s not the result of stress, and it’s far from momentary. This is a type of anger that becomes ingrained in an individual to the core. It won’t diminish, even over a matter of years. This is the anger of the Online Hater – a particularly aggressive and abusive type of Internet troll, who will be just as abusive tomorrow as he/she is today. As hateful next month as this.

The individual reasons behind online hate campaigns vary, but Continue reading Who Is The Online Hater?