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How Much Does Social Media Need Mr and Mrs Angry?

UK TV Listings 1971
Central England’s programme listings for Wednesday 1st September 1971, in a vintage TV Times magazine. Image by @JPEGJuice.

Once upon a time, there was no internet, and for Mr Way-Too-Much-Time-On-His-Hands, finding a virtual release valve was nothing like as simple as it is today.

He couldn’t just go onto Twitter and disagree with news bots, or call football managers cretins until he got his enraged little ass suspended.

Nope. If Mr Way-Too-Much-Time-On-His-Hands wanted a reason to get his knickers in a twist in ye olde distant past, chances were that it would reach him via a newspaper, a magazine, or a television. But he’d still want to say his piece. So whilst interactivity was a very slow process in the mid twentieth century, print publications pulled out all the stops to expedite angry readers’ letters onto their sensation-hungry pages. Continue reading How Much Does Social Media Need Mr and Mrs Angry?

How Effective Are Blog Sidebars?

Redoable Lite WordPress
The highly attractive Redoable Lite theme on WordPress.com.

When bloggers first start out, they tend to have a very optimistic view of what a sidebar does. The traditional concept of a sidebar is to place a series of text links beside each post, and many blog widgets will make this very easy to achieve. But does this kind of thing work? Will blog visitors click the links in a sidebar? Does it matter which side the sidebar goes? And is there anything bloggers can do to make their sidebars more effective? Continue reading How Effective Are Blog Sidebars?

Tariffs: How to Con the 21st Century Pubilc

Tariffs in a nutshell

Con artistry is more prevalent in society than ever before. But unlike the way things were in the past, with scammers easily recognised and permanently on the run, most cons today are legal, and perpetrated by supposedly legitimate businesses. The line between scammers and “legal businesses with a modern approach” is often incredibly difficult to draw here in 2014. Continue reading Tariffs: How to Con the 21st Century Pubilc

Behaviour Ratings for Twitter Users?

Twitter Marketing Spam Account

I touched on this over at Planet Botch in my New Profile Page assessment, but I thought it was worth exploring the concept in more depth here. Essentially, I concluded in the previous article that Twitter has been failing to grow adequately not because the interface needed improvement, but because spamming and site abuse is out of control, and there’s a real problem with visibility for new users. Newcomers to Twitter are literally being obliterated from view by old lags who use automation to hammer the site with low- or zero-value messages. Continue reading Behaviour Ratings for Twitter Users?