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Has Oath Killed Tumblr?


When I received news from Yahoo! that in continuing to use its services, I would in fact be dealing with an organisation called ‘Oath’, I immediately feared for Tumblr’s welfare. I mean, what sort of brainstorming session results in a company name like ‘Oath’? Then I discovered that the new collective business also involved AOL, and thought: “Yep, that’s probably that for Tumblr”.

Yesterday, my fears were realised, as a peep at my Tumblr blog stats, in Google Analytics, showed a catastrophic drop in visits from search engines. There was a rise in referrals from Tumblr (you’ll see why in a moment), but overall, the page visits were significantly down. Continue reading Has Oath Killed Tumblr?


The History of Online Photo Sharing: Part 2

ImageShack 2015

If you missed Part 1 of this history, you can find it via the following link…

The History of Online Photo Sharing: Part 1

If you’ve already read Part 1, let’s step forward into the mid noughties…


It was in the wake of Photobucket’s arrival that ventures such as ImageShack and ImageVenue followed – also offering free hotlinking to big sharing platforms (i.e. the forums). Indeed, 2004 brought a wave of these new, free, image publishing hosts into being. ImageShack became a huge player, but it was Flickr, born in mid February 2004, that really took things to the next level… Continue reading The History of Online Photo Sharing: Part 2

The Dangers of Deleting Tags on a Blog

Deleting Blog Tags

It’s a pretty simple matter, right? You’ve put tags on your blog posts, and now you want to delete them. Well actually, it’s nothing like as simple as it sounds, and it could cause you major problems. But before we delve into all that, why would anyone want to delete tags?… Continue reading The Dangers of Deleting Tags on a Blog

The Tumblr Homepage: 2007 to 2011

If you fancy a bit of Tumblr nostalgia, here’s a look back at some of the site’s Home/Login page (www.tumblr.com) designs from the time of launch in winter 2007, to the summer of 2011.

The first design predated the site’s official launch, and is seen below as it looked in early January 2007. It also remained through the launch period (February 2007) and into the spring of that year…

Tumblr Homepage January 2007 Continue reading The Tumblr Homepage: 2007 to 2011

Twelve Tips For Lasting Success With Tumblr

JPEGJuice Tumblr

You know your blog is happening when businesses start contacting you with observations that you’re outranking them in search, and with offers of work. But even an optimist like me didn’t envisage such success using Tumblr. When I signed up to Tumblr in 2011 I experimented for a very short time, scratched my head, thought to myself: “Nah, this is rubbish”, and immediately went back to WordPress and Blogger. Continue reading Twelve Tips For Lasting Success With Tumblr

The Advantages of Convenience Blogging

Tumblr Convenience Blogging
Tumblr. So easy to use – it’s literally idiot-proof. But is it so easy to maintain traffic?

There are certainly major advantages to click-button, convenience blogging from the viewpoint of hosts like Tumblr and WordPress. Vast numbers of people want to express themselves on the Internet, but comparatively few have the time or inclination to put in the real hard work necessary to produce what the likes of Google would regard as ‘substantial content’. Indeed, some people are simply not creative, so even if they are prepared to invest the time and effort, they know they’re not going to rival the work of top bloggers. Dead easy (and sometimes even one-click) convenience blogging fixes those problems for the casual majority. It’s expression without the effort. Continue reading The Advantages of Convenience Blogging

Is WordPress on Life Support?

Gothic Fantasy Churchyard Scene 1984

What is blogging really about? Well, if you’d asked that question back in the mid noughties you’d most commonly have been told that a blog was a journal – a way for an interesting person or group of people to keep the public updated on important developments. But through time, due to the burgeoning size of the blogosphere, it became clear that new bloggers couldn’t simply write random journals and expect to get attention. Continue reading Is WordPress on Life Support?