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Twitter Unfollow Practices: Spammers Are The New Inactives

When ManageFlitter and Crowdfire sat at the epicentre of Twitter follow management tools, usage of those apps helped spread a notion that one of the best targets for unfollowing was the inactive user. And the Twitter ‘manage’ apps made the process of following so-called “inactives” very, very simple.

But in January 2019, a range of Twitter unfollow apps, including both of the aforementioned, had their API access disabled by Twitter. This rendered the best known unfollow tools inoperable. And because these and other apps had such an enormous presence among Twitter users, the effective shutdown of their core functionality actually changed the Twitter landscape – even for those who never used them.

For example, you may recall that this time last year, if you went more than 30 days without updating your timeline, your mutuals would start to unfollow you. That was because ManageFlitter and its derivatives had an “Inactives” unfollow category, which used a 30-day filter to determine who was, or was not, still using Twitter. The implication was that app users should unfollow accounts in the “Inactives” category, and many did. Continue reading Twitter Unfollow Practices: Spammers Are The New Inactives

Why You Should Not Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users

Meetaplex Follows You

There’s a very widespread notion that unfollowing so-called ‘inactive’ Twitter users is a good way to help manage a follow ratio. We’re talking here about unfollowing users who actually follow you, I should stress – not the ones who don’t. The idea is that you use a management tool such as ManageFlitter to determine which of your followers have not tweeted for a long time, and then unfollow them, primarily on the basis that they’re not using the site, won’t notice you unfollowed them, and thus won’t unfollow back.

But there are several problems with this theory. Firstly, Continue reading Why You Should Not Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users

Twitter’s New Mute Function – Another Mistake

Twitter Mute Function

Twitter has driven yet another nail into its own coffin with the introduction of a function which makes the biggest mockery of the social media site’s system to date. The new Mute function looks set to increase spam, and potentially create serious dangers for those who use it… Continue reading Twitter’s New Mute Function – Another Mistake

Behaviour Ratings for Twitter Users?

Twitter Marketing Spam Account

I touched on this over at Planet Botch in my New Profile Page assessment, but I thought it was worth exploring the concept in more depth here. Essentially, I concluded in the previous article that Twitter has been failing to grow adequately not because the interface needed improvement, but because spamming and site abuse is out of control, and there’s a real problem with visibility for new users. Newcomers to Twitter are literally being obliterated from view by old lags who use automation to hammer the site with low- or zero-value messages. Continue reading Behaviour Ratings for Twitter Users?