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Is Automattic Going To Save Tumblr’s Life?

Earlier this year, when it was announced that WordPress creator Automattic was to buy Tumblr, some optimism returned to the realm of creative blogging. Despite there being more free options for bloggers than ever before, most of them are woeful, and at the top of the tree, the spirit of blogging has been dying a painful death.

WordPress.com has shifted its commercial focus towards business websites, populating the platform with disengaged husks and decimating what was once a passionate writers’ community. Tumblr has suffered all kinds of problems in the hands of Verizon, and seen a catastrophic drop in usage as a result. Medium.com, proclaimed by some as the new king of serious blogging platforms, has been blighted with an elitist mentality, where a heavy curation bias sees ‘preferred authors’, with ‘preferred styles’, seizing the bulk of the visibility. And Blogger (.blogspot) has no real native community features at all. If you can code HTML and CSS, and you have a separate social media presence that can drive traffic, Blogger is unbeatable. But most people can’t, and don’t. Continue reading Is Automattic Going To Save Tumblr’s Life?

Is Medium.com REALLY a Blogging Platform?


Medium.com has become a rising force in online publishing. It’s certainly, at a glance, one of Web 2.0’s more intelligent-looking achievements. Indeed, it pretty much epitomises the modern face of value-driven web content. But is it really a blogging platform? And if not, what is Medium?… Twitter for grown-ups? The immaculately conceived lovechild of Hubpages? Let’s find out… Continue reading Is Medium.com REALLY a Blogging Platform?

How To Correct Unsharp Images on WordPress.com

Birmingham Council House and Clock 18 April 1986

As a photographer, one of the things that’s always irritated me about the WordPress.com blogging platform is the way it handles images. Post a photo on Flickr and then hotlink it into a WordPress.com post, and you’ll see a really nice, sharp image, that scales down with good definition as and when necessary. But upload a photo directly to WordPress and you’ll very often end up with quite an ill-defined result. It probably looks acceptable to the average visitor, but it doesn’t look spectacular, and when you spend time making sure your photos are perfect, that’s annoying. Continue reading How To Correct Unsharp Images on WordPress.com

The Dangers of Deleting Tags on a Blog

Deleting Blog Tags

It’s a pretty simple matter, right? You’ve put tags on your blog posts, and now you want to delete them. Well actually, it’s nothing like as simple as it sounds, and it could cause you major problems. But before we delve into all that, why would anyone want to delete tags?… Continue reading The Dangers of Deleting Tags on a Blog

Top Ten Best Ever Free WordPress.com Themes


Although this is a list based on personal opinion rather than actual popularity stats, it doesn’t come without a lot of experimentation and use. With new themes arriving all the time, it’s getting harder and harder to unearth the real gems among the baffling range of options, and there are plenty of great current themes in this rundown. But the post shouldn’t be read purely as a “what to use” guide. It’s really a celebration of ten design icons from the full history of WordPress.com.

Three of the celebrated themes are no longer available for new blogs, but they were true greats in their day, and they add historical interest to an otherwise contemporary collection. The rest of the list comprises themes which any WP user can select straight from their Theme Options screen at the time of writing.


Redoable Lite Continue reading Top Ten Best Ever Free WordPress.com Themes

How To Find Out How Many Of Your WordPress Followers Click Through From Email

WordPress Follower Email

It’s an important piece of information, which potentially helps you establish whether the time you spend gaining WordPress.com followers is a productive venture. But if you’ve ever looked in your WordPress stats for evidence of users reading via email, chances are you’ve found a void. Inherently, WordPress doesn’t tell you when visitors to your posts have clicked through from email. You’ll see the page visits registered, but no indication of where they came from. Continue reading How To Find Out How Many Of Your WordPress Followers Click Through From Email

The Advantages of Convenience Blogging

Tumblr Convenience Blogging
Tumblr. So easy to use – it’s literally idiot-proof. But is it so easy to maintain traffic?

There are certainly major advantages to click-button, convenience blogging from the viewpoint of hosts like Tumblr and WordPress. Vast numbers of people want to express themselves on the Internet, but comparatively few have the time or inclination to put in the real hard work necessary to produce what the likes of Google would regard as ‘substantial content’. Indeed, some people are simply not creative, so even if they are prepared to invest the time and effort, they know they’re not going to rival the work of top bloggers. Dead easy (and sometimes even one-click) convenience blogging fixes those problems for the casual majority. It’s expression without the effort. Continue reading The Advantages of Convenience Blogging