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What To Do When Blog Visitors DON’T READ YOUR TEXT

What To Do When Visitors Don't Read Your Text

94% of site visitors don’t read more than a fraction of a post’s main body text. It’s a startling statistic, but if you administrate a blog or a website, you’ll probably find it quite believable. By a calculation I’ve averaged across several blogs of different types, I anticipate that only 6% of visitors will properly read this post. And what’s more, within WordPress – the social blogging platform I’m using to publish – it’s likely that NONE of the people who click the Like or Follow buttons in relation to this post will even have visited the page, let alone read anything on it. Continue reading What To Do When Blog Visitors DON’T READ YOUR TEXT

The Advantages of Convenience Blogging

Tumblr Convenience Blogging
Tumblr. So easy to use – it’s literally idiot-proof. But is it so easy to maintain traffic?

There are certainly major advantages to click-button, convenience blogging from the viewpoint of hosts like Tumblr and WordPress. Vast numbers of people want to express themselves on the Internet, but comparatively few have the time or inclination to put in the real hard work necessary to produce what the likes of Google would regard as ‘substantial content’. Indeed, some people are simply not creative, so even if they are prepared to invest the time and effort, they know they’re not going to rival the work of top bloggers. Dead easy (and sometimes even one-click) convenience blogging fixes those problems for the casual majority. It’s expression without the effort. Continue reading The Advantages of Convenience Blogging

Be Careful Using Twenty Fifteen Theme on WordPress.com

Twerds with Twenty Fourteen Theme
After a brief trial of Twenty Fifteen, I’ve switched the theme on Twerds to Twenty Fourteen.

Just a brief post to document a problematic experience I’ve had with the new Twenty Fifteen theme on WordPress.com… Continue reading Be Careful Using Twenty Fifteen Theme on WordPress.com

How Effective Are Blog Sidebars?

Redoable Lite WordPress
The highly attractive Redoable Lite theme on WordPress.com.

When bloggers first start out, they tend to have a very optimistic view of what a sidebar does. The traditional concept of a sidebar is to place a series of text links beside each post, and many blog widgets will make this very easy to achieve. But does this kind of thing work? Will blog visitors click the links in a sidebar? Does it matter which side the sidebar goes? And is there anything bloggers can do to make their sidebars more effective? Continue reading How Effective Are Blog Sidebars?